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Don started working for Nelson’s Jewelry in January of 1994.  Before Don started working at Nelson’s Jewelry, he had worked for several jewelry stores, and has over forty years of experience as a watchmaker.
Don was born in New Mexico, and moved to Colorado when he was just five years old, in 1957. Don was one of thirteen kids; he was the ninth. Don had a life changing experience, which led him to “Ye Olde Clock shop”. This is where he was introduced to the world of time. The shop also worked on other timepieces, such as watches. Don appreciated these intricate works of art, and he chose to pursue this career path, and perfect his craft as a watchmaker.   
It was in 1978, that Don moved to Washington state. He wanted a fresh start, and was influenced by his religion that ultimately led him to a church of his choice. Most of Don’s family still reside in Colorado, whom he visits regularly. Don worked in Bellevue, Washington until 1993, before his tenure at Nelson’s Jewelry. The team at Nelson’s Jewelry appreciates and respects the talents in which he brings to our business.


Lucille started working for Nelson’s Jewelry in August of 2014. Before Lucille started working at Nelson’s Jewelry, she worked for a handful of other jewelers in Western Washington. Lucille has over 20 years of experience in goldsmithing.  
Lucille was born in New Mexico, and moved to Missoula, Montana when she was three years old. Lucille’s father and grandfather were both miners. They both were an influence in Lucille becoming a goldsmith. From a young age her father and grandfather always told her, she would be a goldsmith.
Lucille moved to Washington state for the first time in 1992 to pursue an education in goldsmithing. At the time, there were only three states that offered a goldsmith education course. Lucille chose the two-year program at Highline Community College, South of Seattle.  Lucille finished school in 1996, and moved back to Montana. Upon her return, she found a job cutting stones; which she found herself doing for the next 6 years. There wasn’t a lot of work at that time, and she found herself working other miscellaneous jobs.
In 2008, Lucille decided to move back to Washington state. Her family resides in Washington, and moving back would allow her to be closer to her kids and grand kids. Lucille found a job at an Olympia Jewelry Store, where she worked for five years. After five years of commuting, it took its toll and Lucille wanted work closer to home. In August of 2014, Lucille found a job with Nelson’s Jewelry. Here at Nelson’s Jewelry, we all appreciate and respect the talents in which she brings to our business.

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